September 2016: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: -0.42%

By October 17, 2016Altaica Alpha Strategies

The difference in performance between the funds in our portfolio was remarkable, they differed from +10% up to -5%. This resulted in a small profit measured in USD but a loss of 0,4% in EURO. In the last two weeks of the months most of the CTA managers were able to recover from severe losses in the first part of the month. The Long Short Equity managers were able to produce a positive result to the portfolio. However also in this strategy there was significant performance difference between our Asian Pacific manager (-0,8%) and our European manager (+3,3%). Multi Strategy investments performed the worst.

Last month we sold our position in Winton, this relative traditional CTA manager underperformed compared to its peers. We do see more potential in smaller and more exclusive funds. To increase the diversification of the portfolio we added a currency trading fund, this strategy is named FX. Next to this we added money to the smaller positions in the portfolio to be more balanced. In the next months we expect to add two new funds to the portfolio. For this we started thorough Due Diligence Processes. Last year and also this month learns us the importance of diversification of low correlated assets.