November 2015: Altaica EUR-Asia Emerging Fund: +0.90%

The shot down of the Russian jet by Turkey did have a huge impact. Russia announced a series of sanctions which will give a blow to the Turkish tourism industry. The nice performance of the first three week of the month melted away due to this accident. In the new week following on the last trading day of November the first signs of a cautious recovery are there. The strong uptrend in both markets is still untouched, so we keep confidence in our positions. Next to Turkey and Russia we faced also a serious correction of the Chinese markets on the end of the month. This after a strong recovery during the last months. A bad cocktail news was causing this correction. Some Chinese companies announced financial troubles which can end in a bankruptcy. The Chinese government withdraw a few actions which they introduced to support the markets during the summer crash. On the short term it worked out negative. However it is positive that the Chinese government sees enough positivity and power in the markets that they felt reason to give the markets more freedom.