Altaica Sustainable Equity Long Short Fund, December 2020 +4.91% & YTD +36.07% (nl translation)

The year 2020 was challenging in many ways. Especially the Covid-19 crisis influenced markets and businesses in an unprecedented way. On personal level many people globally suffered from the deadly impact of this virus. However the portfolio performed in an excellent way. We closed the year with another strong monthly performance of 4.9% in December. This brings the 2020 performance on +36%. We proudly see how our selection of sustainable companies outperformed the markets and our risk hedge kept the downside risk under control.

The sustainable energy companies added 2.52% to the performance. Star performer of the portfolio was Daqo New Energy Corp (+31%), an Chinese solarpanel producer. Also the jump of Tesla and the Dutch company Alfen, both +21% over December, was impressive.

We thank all our investors for the trust in our strategy and wish you all a great 2021! The year 2021 will be, as we all hope, the year of back to normal. This will also influence the markets significantly. We also believe that companies with solutions and services which support a more sustainable future will outperform the markets. More and more investors are making the change to sustainable and impact investing. This makes that we strongly believe in our strategy and approach. For the next years we will implement more and more our impact goals in our approach. This to strengthen the positive impact of our investments.