The Altaica Funds (Alpha High Performance Fund) is a way for portfolio diversification by adding Alternative Investments to your investment portfolio. This with all advantages of AIFMD licensed funds which are under full supervision of the Dutch financial authorities. The Altaica  Funds offer you access to the alternative investments spectrum. The funds are under management of Elite Fund Management, holder of the AIFMD license assigned by the AFM, included in the register of the AFM.
Our strategies are designed to add low correlated returns to your portfolio. This to improve the return-/-risk balance due to diversification. Due to our management style the funds are less vulnerable by the directions of the markets we invest. We invite you to get further information regarding the funds from our fund managers. Sent us your request for our information package by mail.

Altaica Funds

Altaica Sustainable Equity Opportunity Fund

  • date: 30-04-2023
  • year to date 2023: 2.97%
  • annualised: 7.79%
  • last month: -1.12%
  • NAV: € 83.1570
  • Total strategy performance*: %
  • Sharpe ratio: 0.38

* original fund starting date: 1 July 2015, the returns mentioned are as in the new setup since March 2019. Please note that before March 2019 the fund was named Altaica Emerging Alpha Eur-Asia fund and managed in another portfolio style. Since March 2019, the fund is using a new strategy. Annualised return and Sharpe ratio are based on the last 3 years. 

The Altaica Sustainable Equity Opportunity Fund is invested in an active managed equal weighted equity portfolio of about 55 companies. We select companies which comply to our high ESG standards (Environment, Social & Governance).  This selection of  equities is based on our team expertise and algorithms. To leverage the portfolio (max +100%) we use Sustainable ETF’s or we increase the position in our equity portfolio. To protect our portfolio we hedge our portfolio partly to market risks. We hedge the portfolio partly against market risk by buying derivatives, insurances, on broader market indices. For all risks and expenses read the EBI & Prospectus, free available on this website and on request.

Alpha Strategies Fund

  • date: 30-04-2023
  • year to date: -4.56%
  • annualised*: 5.92%
  • last month: 0.32%
  • NAV: € 126.95

* last 5 year

*  *  

The Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund is Fund of Fund or multi strategies fund. The main ambition of the fund is to deliver returns which are low correlated to Equity and Bond Markets. This to bring diversification to a classic equity and bond portfolio. We select (alternative) investments which were able to deliver outstanding performance while they are low correlated to each other. In this way the portfolio does always have a great diversification. The fund gives access to some investments which are normally difficult or not accessible for many investors. We invest in Hedge Funds, Private Equity & Real Estate Funds combined with active managed strategies which make use of mutual funds, ETF’s and derivatives.


Altaica Alpha Strategies presteerde in maart uitstekend en tegen de markt in met +12,98%!

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Dankzij posities in een aantal buitengewoon goed presterende Hedge Fund managers kon het fonds profiteren van scherpe koersstijgingen en dalingen op diverse markten. Denk hierbij aan grondstoffen, zowel energie als metalen die flinke prijsstijgingen lieten zien, maar ook aan de rentestanden die flink opliepen waardoor obligatiekoersen daalden. De managers in onze portefeuille konden hier goed op inspelen. Hedge Funds kunnen weer presteren dankzij de oplopende inflatie die de ruimte van Centrale Banken om in diverse markten te interveniëren heeft weggenomen. Met een rendement van +12,98% komt het rendement over het eerste kwartaal van 2022 uit op +18,7%.

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Altaica Sustainable Equity LS Fund, januari 2021 +0,12%.

By | Altaica Duurzame aandelen Long Short

The year 2021 started enthusiastic. In the first week of January we gained about 5%. In the second half the Reddit actions in especially GameStop influenced the markets significantly. Due to heavy losses on short positions, some very large and established hedge funds needs to make cash by selling their long positions. This violence drove markets down, especially the formerly best performing parts of the markets. Fundamentally this is offering excellent entrance possibilities to stocks which were earlier overpriced and overbought. We ended the month with a small positive result. By this we outperformed our benchmark by a small margin.   The madness in GameStop proved our strategy choice to do not short any individual share. The tail risk of…

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Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund, December +2.85% & YTD +6.22% (nl translation)

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The positive result of 2.85% over December 2020 brings the 2020 performance on +6.22%. In this way we outperformed the international equity and bond markets significantly. This with a lower volatility. The fund proved to be an excellent diversifier in a classic portfolio of equities and bonds. Global Macro was the main contributor to the positive performance. Our Global Macro position was able to recover partly, +9.8%, from the significant losses in the previous months. In the basket Other investments we were amazed by the continuing strong performance of our Crypto Currency positions. However still relatively small positions in the portfolio the impact on the total result was strong. Bitcoin gained in December about 42% and Ethereum 16%. The other…

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