July 2018: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: -0.42%

By August 18, 2018Altaica Alpha Strategies

Our serie of months with positive returns came to an end in July. This month we almost finished our rebalancing of the portfolio. Bringing the cash level below the 10% and CTA investments back to the 50% of the portfolio.
Equity Long/Short and Credit investment contributed in a positive way to the portfolio result.
During July we faced headwind of the weakening of the US Dollar against the Euro.
CTA investment and especially Multi Strategy funds contributed in a negative way to the performance. The almost 50% allocation in the portfolio the CTA investments pushed the result into the red.
We see a strong momentum in the US Dollar. Due to this we are not hedging our US Dollar positions and expect the next months a positive contribution from the US Dollar to the result.