January 2018: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: +0.77%

By February 22, 2018Altaica Alpha Strategies

We started the year with a positive return of 0.77%. This unless heavy headwind of the US dollar, which lost about 4% of his value. The largest part of the funds were performing positively, however after the US Dollar correction there were a few funds with a serious negative January result.

Solid positive returns were produced by the strategies Long Short Equity, 3.5%, and CTA’s, 3%. Both driven by the very strong performing equity and commodity markets. Those funds are riding the Bull.

At the opposite side there were also currency trading (FX) and Event Driven / Risk Arbitrage, however these strategies were not able to beat the loss of the US Dollar. In Euros those strategies lost respectively 1.9% and 3.6%.