February 2016: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: +2.68

We were able to deliver a solid performance of 2,7% over February 2016. The fund proves to be able to fulfil its promise of uncorrelated performance. This unless the strong recovery in the last weeks of the month. We outperformed every benchmark in 2016 with strong numbers. Compared to the global equity market the Altaica Alpha Strategy Fund realised an outperformance of 11%. Although this is not the most important number to us, we are proud that we outperformed the Barclay Hedge Index by 6% and the Barclays CTA index by  0,3%. When we compare the CTA selection of the fund portfolio to the Barclay CTA index the numbers are even stronger, 4,9% (fund) against 1,65% (Barclay CTA Index), an outperformance over February 2016 of 3,25%.  The performance could even have been stronger if the markets did not start an impressive recovery.

The performance of the other strategies is more diverse. Multi Strategy performed steady, Event Driven and Equity Long/Short suffered small losses. Within the Long/Short equity the difference in performance was considerably. APS Asia Pacific surprised us with a strong contrarian performance compared to the violent market situation in the Asian region.