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Elite Fund Management is a licensed manager of alternative investment funds. She is an AIFMD-manager of AIF’s (Alternative Investment Funds) that specializes in Absolute Return funds, funds who aim to be capable of generating a positive return every calendar year. This is possible by use of investment models which are allowed to make use of short positions, eventually by use of derivatives. The office is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, however the portfolio managers can be located all over the world.

Alpha High Performance-fondsen

The Alpha High Performance fund and the included sub-funds are focused on generating performances independent from the market directions. This means that the results are measured on absolute performance in-stead of relative performance.

Relative performance: no
To understand the term relative performance here is an example: to measure relative performance you choose a benchmark, let’s say the AEX. The next step is to compare the performance of the fund to the performance of the AEX. In case the AEX loses 20% and the fund 15%, then we are talking about out performance of the fund. However you still lost 15% of your investment.

Absolute return: yes
In the case of the Alpha High Performance fund, we select an absolute benchmark. For example with a performance of 4% a year, now the fund goal is very clear: making money in alle circumstances! The portfolio managers of the sub-funds are fully focused to generate absolute return. In this way they contribute performance and diversification to your investment portfolio.

Different portfolio managers
The Alpha High Performance fund consists of sub-funds. Every sub-fund is managed by its own manager also called a portfolio manager. The portfolio managers are selected by Elite Fund Management based on their strategy, knowledge, experience and performance in their special area of knowledge. Elite Fund Management offers portfolio managers of the subfunds of the Alpha High Performance fund interesting opportunities in the category of Alternative Investments.

It’s up to you to choose one or more of our sub-funds. Also you can ask your Asset Manager-/-Investment Advisor to make his selection and composition of funds. We offer the following sub-funds under the name Altaica:

At website www.alphafondsen.nl you may other subfunds.


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