December 2015: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: -3.09%

By January 22, 2016Altaica Alpha Strategies

December was a challenging month for investors, markets jumped up and down. Both CTA/Managed Futures Funds and Equity Long/Short Funds were hit by this. The two best performing funds of November performed the worst in December, with both double digit losses. Next to this the USD dollar had also a negative impact on the portfolio.

The negative performance of two funds, described above, were not compensated by profits of reasonable size of the other funds. Over the period the fund started, 1st of August 2015 till now, we outperformed both the local stock market index, AEX, and the Barclays Hedge Fund Index. But not our initial benchmark, the Think Market Neutral ETF. With regards to the AEX and the Barclay Hedge Fund Index we did better in performance with less volatility.

For the next year we hope to see more stable trending markets. When the markets were falling down sharply in the beginning of the year we saw intra month good results by most of our funds so far.