Altaica Tigris is the Latin name of the mighty predator, the Siberian Tiger. This predator is the inspiration for our funds. Our company supports activities to preserve the habitat and existence of the Siberian Tiger. Our funds are fully focused on making extraordinary returns compared to the risk. The predator philosophy is perfectly described by the Dutch saying: “Aanval is de beste verdediging!”, this means “To attack is the best defense!”.

Selection of the best managers and tradingsystems

Elite Fund Management selected the best managers/traders and trading systems to manage the funds. In the selection and management of the funds we are looking for highly rule based trading systems, also named trading algorithms. We are looking for strategies which are low correlated to stock and bond market investments but also to other alternative investments. The managers are professionals with a long track record in the investment industry.


The administration, legal Custody and cash management of the funds are in the hands of an other reputable company: IQ EQ Financial Services B.V..

Elite Fund Management appointed IQ EQ Depositary B.V. also as an independent custodian, also named “Depositary”. The Depositary keeps supervision on the cash management end guards the restrictions of the investment strategy as described in the prospectus. The independent Depositary is also liable in case custodian of an investment would get lost.

The execution and management at the one side and the administration and cash management at the other side are strictly separated. This is to safety the interest of you as investor. Your investments are managed under the highest levels of governance in Europe, a safe knowledge!

Elite Fund Management and IQ EQ Depositary B.V.  are both under supervisor of the Dutch Central Bank (www.dnb.nl) as well the Authority Financial Markets (www.afm.nl), they are also compliant to and in possession of all needed licenses.

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